ICAK Congress 2024: Practical side

ICAK Toulouse 2024








How do I get there ?

Toulouse Blagnac Airport is the main way to reach Toulouse efficiently from any european hub.

Being a hightech hub for airplane design and manufacturing in Europe, this city is pretty well connected.

From the airport, take a cab or use the specific bus line airport to Train station.

Exept some traffic from the airport if you use a taxi, but may take only 25min from the airport.

The bus connection to town is a good deal for traveler with a small luggage, drops you 20min away from the congress location on foot.

Still, train from Paris or Barcelone are options too.

Fast train (TGV)trip from Paris to Toulouse takes 4,5 hours.


Where can I stay ?

 Some options listed below offer deals (available for a limited time):

-Pullman Centre : contact : Honorine h1091-re@accor.com Promo Code: BPM AGENCY 2024

-Mama Shelter (Toulouse)

-Novotel Toulouse Centre Wilson

-Cour des consuls

There are plenty of other options like (Air)bnb’s but keep in mind that Toulouse is a quite touristic place.



Where is it exactly ?

The Chambre de commerce et d’Industrie  / Regional Business Headquarters of Haute Garonne is located 2 rue Alsace Lorraine, in Toulouse.

Really centrical, in the heart of the historical part of the city.




Is it possible to get a live broadcast ?

Unfortunatly, not anymore. We wanted to offer this option but will offer instead a replay access.

As soon as possible after the congress, all presentations and slides will be released in an edited format on www.formationsak.com.

Anyone who attended the congress will receive a free access to the replay for 3 months.

For a minimal fee, access will be possible for anyone who couldn’t attend, upon request here : info.icak.fr@gmail.com.